Dental Healthcare and Creating A Wonderful Experience


Aroma Therapy and Dentistry! It sounds weird, doesn’t it? We inject an atomized spray into the atmosphere of our office, with various odors which were created to get individuals in a cheerful, serene disposition.

One odor that is powerful is lavender, which appears to have the emotional effect of people that are relaxing, helping soothe them they are dire. We do not use a significant number, only a little number so that the feeling you get from it’s honestly nearly subliminal. You don’t see it, but you do see the calming, soothing effect.

With this at heart, we’ve several other things to make our office a happy and cozy place.


TVs mounted with headset for sound over every seat
Stereo music played through the day in work
Children’s play place for children to feel joyful in

We also use digital retinopathy, a way of shooting x rays without needing to develop them, which enables us to reduce radiation exposure down to almost nothing. And for deep cleaning, we use only ultrasonic scaling, not handheld devices. It’s mild, considerably more efficient and less harmful to the root structure of the teeth.

Seeing a dentist should be a pleasant, soothing experience, not one which allows you to feel scared or uneasy. Our use of individual seats, aromatherapy, massage pillows, TVs, cars as well as hypnosis can help you feel not as unhappy as possible. This has become an important part of Louisiana Dentistry who is the market leader in Arklatex dental implants.

The info in this article isn’t meant to substitute for the medical expertise and guidance of your healthcare provider.